" patterns in the patterns "


another day enveloped in layers and layers. we're all doing our best, and sometimes even the strongest amongst us are not running at 100%.

a pinch in the neck tells me that something is on the rise. a tightness on the back of my skull followed by a dull ache. my body begins to ache and my hearing dampens. everything feels tight in my brain; the over whelming nausea is offset by the sensation that my defenses are encased with cling wrap.

the senses pique, the ebb of fatigue lands ashore, i realize that i am in the beginnings of a migraine. i push through and cope, then fight my way all the way home. just as i reach my room, the world goes kaleidoscopic like crystalized white noise. if it weren't so beautiful, it would be solely a debilitating episode.

with hope for a beautiful tomorrow, i close my eyes, the world fades out, and i am released onto another place of existence altogether.

tonight's homework:

do something good for the place you live in. tidy up, put the dishes away, sweep, mop, dust, beautify.