" peering...pausing "


it may happen when none of us are looking. just somewhere in the background like a branch swaying against a grid of windows. like a swarm of insects against the crashing of waves. like a full head of hair caught in the bluster of a storm. something may disappear from view.

the pace of people's gait as they walk the streets, the way tall blades of grass lean and shuffle against each other, the sound of murmuring and gossip, how light bends and is refracted through windows and certain façades and storefronts.

or the weight of laughter or a sigh or a whimper of pleasure or disdain in an exhale or the collective heat of bodies on a public transit conveyance. we are all here together. we are in this life together. from our first moments until our last and final ones. 

whether physical and with a corporeal form, or inanimate with a skeleton of steel girders, it behooves us in the face of time passing, of the planet's revolutions, of the stars in the infinite black of space collapsing and being reborn, to note anything in our days and nights of any significance no matter how slight.

tonight's homework:

make a toast to those who have passed and deserve a remembrance.