" pooling resources "


spending your time making sure that the people you care about have enough. plenty of attention, love, time, hugs, nourishment, story times, clothing, bedding, housing, and infinite other materials and immaterial.

whenever i look around my room at the apartment i now call home, i see so many items i have received from others, and the empty spaces where i have given away and/or donated away. we are born with no materials at all, and throughout our lives, we do our best to surround ourselves with as much as possible.

what if we spent more of our days worrying less about that one item which will make your life better, but is ultimately a showpiece until the next best greatest thing comes along. i too am a participant of the amassment of material(s), but i am trying to do better.

i am trying to be better about everything. to reduce my earthly desires however strong, to dissipate my suffering however pleasurable, to find another path devoid of disillusionment, confusion, and come to the more beneficial conclusions. and it is hard.

health is wealth and all those idioms which we shrug off until we're sick. i recently had a couple-day bug in my body, and it was shocking how potentially ill-prepared i was, how maybe alone i was (other than my roommate who is pretty tops, but was hit at the same time by the same bug!). had i been in a different financial bracket or housing situation, it could have been not only a couple days, but a much longer stint of illness.

so perhaps paring down on those unnecessary items, and stocking up on first aid care, meaningful conversations, face-to-face social interactions, laughter shared by mutually hilarious situations, and one and on.

there's so much time left. there's so little time left. we have so much, and we have so little. it's time to take stock, make hard choices, and push hard for happiness over long-term hardships. and you're not alone. you're never alone.

tonight's homework:

put out the good word, the positive energies, the healing mantras, and the joys into the world, and expect nothing in return.