" power spell "


you could be flexing your confidence harder than someone when they are in a low point. the handshake is unmet;,the reasoning not received, the understanding blurred.

what we are looking for is that sweet spot when you seek and find a sense of reciprocity. whether conversational, physical, the spark, the chemistry, the peanut butter and the jelly. you know when those moments are real because you have goosebumps and shivers. 

all of a sudden, you could find yourself aligned with the stars, the moon, the planets, the solar system rotates in unison, all the angles and axis find a commonality, and the frequency engages all chakras.

an innate sense of tact and empathy go a long way. all the way to someone's heart if you wish. there's no reason why you should ever feel you should cower, bow down, or be passive in your desire for something better. and that's probably why timing in all things is important.

tonight's homework:

make an active attempt to better yourself. find a sense of confidence, but be humble. don't laud your accomplishments, own them and bring them up as relevant. you have every capacity to do better, show more love, help out more, pick up someone else's slack, and over all develop that indescribable quality which brings us all up as a species. all it takes is a little effort. go for it.