" promises promises "


you must set an alliance with your better judgements and raise the white banners. you must seize those opportunities through the clutter, and not only make the lists, but also check them off.

one at a time, or a few in a stride, tasks must be taken care of. just as we all believe ourselves to be creatures of habit, we are also supremely  capable of all manner of adaptation and change.

we are the designers of our better collective future. we are the harbingers of truth. we are the joyous and the melancholy, the emotionally raw and touted experts, the loved, lovers, and beloved.

we are the ponies to place your bet on, because in the end, when it grows darker by nightfall, and still in the streets, your hopeful desires will find a warm home to rest in. you will be cozy and well looked after when you find nourishment in a day filled with imagination, creativity, improvisation, and selflessness.

we can all do better, and perhaps starting today you will. to the next revolution...

tonight's homework:

find yourself a warm light to sit or stand in. could be sunlight coming through the trees on a sidewalk or next to a building in the afternoon, or an artificial light in your home or a cafe. find yourself comfortable in this light, and take a few moments to bask in it's glowing warmth with your eyes closed.

no matter how brief or long the tenure of this moment, know that you are loved, you are vital, you matter, and your voice and care hold weight. know these truths and own them amidst your other specific skills and talents. step out of the light, and back into the world with fresh eyes, ideas, hopes, dreams, and plans.