" pwning skills "


whatever your craft may entail, you must dream to rise to the level of master. this is not to say that there will be a test, or that you will find yourself having to sport colored belts with incremental levels indicated by wraps of tape.

what i mean is you should actively refuse to allow yourself to lose interest in your best skills and interests. there are so many little hobbies i have had a great affinity for, some of which have collectively become my most revered set of skills and professions.

you do not require a long course, a stack of books read, or certifications (and i suppose it doesn't hurt to have any of those things either), but what you do need to inhabit is the state of curiosity, an iron will, the strength and stamina to hold you over the course of your lifetime.

it will reward you daily for your efforts, and the world will be greater for your presence in it.

tonight's homework:

get to task and prove to yourself that you were right all along.