" remaining genuine "


being open to all avenues of thought, even the ones which do not entirely parallel with your personal views. you never know when something you've held onto will turn out to be faulty.

we always should appreciate a new set of eyes on our work, even if they need eyeglasses. sometimes eventually tuning out the white noise after entertaining it allows you the change to reinforce your position.

gotta eat proper for your health at least 60% of the time. this is a doable lifestyle, and you can even try to freshen up that slice of pizza, create your own less-toxic home-brews or carbonated sips, and even perfect healthful tater tots if you did a little research.

time is short, time is long. time is a paradox, and you'll continuously be running out of it or cup runneth over. so what are you doing with those minutes between the main bullet points of your day? everyone wants to edit out the parts where you have to purchase rolls of TP or stand in the line to send the thing out.

and while not above all, we should live with a sense of honesty and a willingness to own the potential repercussions your transgressions. we are beautifully human after all.

tonight's homework:

there is nothing more glamorous than getting those tasks done, and taking care of biz. remember to do your part before hounding your neighbor.