" rest core "


there's a storm outside my window to the left. rapping, tapping, drip-drop slapping against the panes. the day rose and fell like one long breath and exhale. the winds howled and the earth spun atilt.

there's a serenity in watching a fan. the mechanical repetition and how it remains reliable, constant, and for the most part resistant to change. when you find yourself zoning out on those strange and curiously normal details, perhaps you are zoning in on the real deal.

always a lover of behind-the-scenes, i would spend hours observing, peering into and in through, and attempting to understand the way it all worked. it was in this way that i believe i became a visual artist of certain sorts.

when you find you have the ability to remain still and calm your mind, when you can tune out clutter and find the desired frequency, the universe peels back and puts all wonderment on display.

tonight's homework:

wear environmentally-appropriate sleepwear. the weather is changing, and we must remember to adapt to changes.