" returned into the fray "


the past few weeks, the most beautiful blur. nothing short of transcendent times, a new aged dawned, and a life realigned.

eyes closed, eyes open. the smell of wet streets and the damp earth mixing on the lift of a breeze. a steady rain, a stillness, a moment, a held breath.

i'm returned into the fray, and only now do i truly feel as if i am back.

tonight's homework:

reassess the amount of items you have in your possession. clothing, knick-knacks, tools & instruments, cutlery, plates, cups, bowls, and the like. make a mental list, and see how emotionally you are attached to each of these items. know that they exist, are valid, and have shared time with you. make a real decision, and choose to let some of these items go, so that you may in the future replace them with a clearer definition of yourself without them to readily define you.