" reverse hibernation "


this time around it's going to be different, right? we tell ourselves this over and over. the record plays, the record skips, the record flips, we become drowsy with ourselves. languid, lazy, and yet succumb in this way?

the day is fresh, the sun shines through the cloud cover, through the branches, between the buildings, and onto your hands. such warmth, such possibility!

it would be foolish to not learn from past mistakes, to flit and meander so casually complacent. there is no time left for toddling and dashing, for tomfoolery and jus- kiddings, for disloyalty and pranks.

we are come to a point in our existence where a willful amount of structure, no matter how loosely chaotic in arrangement, must be wielded, enabled, utilized! firm desires, not bashful teases. deliberate haste, not pretend working on somethings for the sake of being in motion. helpful self-criticism, not just saying you're no good for no good reasons.

we owe it to ourselves and to one another, to now in this moment and of this time, this precious time, to find the slack, and tighten up. place your best foot slightly more forward into the world, and give it a real chance to flourish.

i know i have been waiting to give myself a real opportunity to give it a truthful go, and i intend to not only find my stride, but follow through like no other time before.

tonight's homework:

regard your inspirations, make note of the stir of emotions, and put your instrument of choice to good use. there are so many great examples of half-assing it out there; please do not add your good name to the list of people who didn't give a shit and profited of of it.