" ripples and restoration "


a moment to myself with no plans. there is a silence upon waking which is broken by the sound of hovering helicopters. the day is warming up, and the trees are swaying in the breeze. 

stretching out your limbs and body is an easy way to prepare for getting up and to it. the blood begins to pump throughout the body and musculature, the heart rate increases, and the respiratory system begins to regulate its rhythms.

walking through the park at a steady gait, flanked by tall trees with broad leafy branches. the flickers created by stepping in and out of foliage shadows dance behind my eyelids. the world inhales and exhales, and i want to keep a tight hold on this experience forever.

the frequency of the day finds its stride as i hit the open grassy fields. groups are gathered on blankets under the shade of towering trees. the calm waters now active as the surface tension breaks and vibrates. i am renewed and prepared for everything.

tonight's homework:

enjoy it while it lasts, because as it always occurs, change is just around the corner. savor this deliciousness.