" seasonal clarity "


the recent rains wash away everything but the memories of this awesome summertime. long talks with cool peeps, meandering about led only by instinct and a desire for something imaginative, and def bike rides in the high heat with the long lines of travel to destinations unknown, both near and far.

it has been a good season, a blessed season, one filled with those moments which clang out like the deft peal of a brass bell into the still air. this lovely life and how each day multiplies the breadth of experiences, conversations, interactions, flavors, waking dreams.

there is no need to fear losing any part of these past few months to the next few which follow. the only thing that is certain is this flow of time, moving ever-forward despite all resignation and attempt to loosen time's grip on reality. so please make an effort to remain alert, take care of one another, and see something new every day, especially in each other.

tonight's homework:

revive an old plan, gut the aspects which held you back from a completion, and do the proper research to see it through this time around. there are always going to be more chances to do a better job.