" second second chances "


make a mistake, learn from it. try fail, try again. there's no shame in failure, only more chances at success.

to know that your best intent and misjudged distance could result in a scraped knee, shouldn't keep you from giving it your best shot. don't worry that there's something to lose.

what are we without some sense of loss, if not stronger in the heart, the constitution, and determination?

you never know what gold will become of the initial attempts at alchemy. it is in the trial and error where we find the inner-workings of all secrets.

there's always going to be something to lose. this is what makes giving it an honest go makes such a huge difference. because a win, however small, allows us the chance to reclaim ourselves, to fulfill the promise to ourselves to take care, be well, and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

tonight's homework:

if you don't succeed, try try again. do some stretches beforehand so you don't hurt yourself when you're kicking so much ass out there. i believe in you.