" second chances "


a held breath before the curtain lifts. eyes shut closed loosely; the glimmers of the footlights entering though the lids like shimmers on a low tide.

all life's a stage, and we blessed lot merely its players. ole bill shakes would scoff at the reimagining, but the line holds steady and taut through our trials.

i'll hold your hand through it all, thick thin, sideways, upside down, and backwards. these are the moments in our life where we throw down, step up, become better than our best version of ourselves.

we make promises and attempt never to bend or break them. believe in the power of those oaths, and in your ability to succeed. whether heartbreak, heartache, or heart-make, we will do our utmost.

tonight's homework:

forgive forgive forgive, but never forget. we're trying to do right.