" seeds and structures "


chance encounters and a flexing of the inclination to connect. people in the world make it their duty and profession to help others find a sense of confidence, happiness, and like-minded partners.

it may also be on our shoulders and minds, hearts, sleeves and in our best self-interest to give ourselves a leg up. the fear of an unknown is respectable, but when and where do we face those fears? when do we bridge fears to the overcoming of them through active participation and the repeated experience?

anytime and always. what we don't know is not an unknown all the time. it could be just a lack of proximity, a lack of knowledge, of understanding. when we find ourselves in a position to find out more about each other, and one another's motivations, stories, and desires, we give rise to an expansion of the collective human understanding.

tonight's homework:

set up a time for work, some time for play, and leave a little extra session for being out in the world or walking silently through nature.