" selector flip magic "


usually i people watch for strangers who stand out in some way. whether they are those who broadcast outwardly and brash, or those who have a calmer, quieter poise, i usually gravitate towards people who entice my curiosity.

the other weekend, i attended the jazz age lawn party on governor's island, and a woman came up to me as i was standing with my cameras out just talking to friends. she asked if i charge for the photos, or i just do it for fun.

the answer being a mix of both at certain times, in this instance, it was definitely just for fun. i rarely have anyone both interested in the camera i happen to have on me, and ask me to take their photo. but she and her husband were so nice and calm and genuinely interested in a truly gleeful way, of course i offered!

the best best best part of this whole exchange is that they both had secreted their sleeping baby twin girls into the shot! it was the most redonkulous 4-for-1 polaroid i ever have taken!

i focused and composed the shot while they beamed and uncovered the girl's lovely little slumberfaces, and the exposure was made. after about a half-minute, i peeled the image away from the backing, and it was so good! so family and their pose was so good, ha!

this is what i love; the impromptu collaborations between strangers to make something so interesting, photo or just life moment. we spend a vast amount of our days avoiding strangers, and when your guard is down, you may miss some of the true gems. make heartfelt connections, however brief, and the elation is evergreen.

tonight's homework:

it's your turn to get out there into the world, and make a connection with someone you do not previously know. could be a conversation, could be a mere comment. but be open, honest, true to the moment, and respectful. there are diamonds out there.