" self service "


the most frightening part is that you don't really know where you stand. you can pick up on the non-verbal cues, sift through the data, and deconstruct the nuances of happenings and events around you. but it's hard sometimes to really know.

smiles can prove deceptive or false, scowls misrepresentative, and the many shades of gray in between. you do your best to discern the good from the not-as-good, but in general even though you have a gut feeling and hope for the best, people are very complex.

so it is up to you to make sure that you are the one who is taking the responsibility of your worldly representation to the best of your abilities. you must be the one to be honest, open, true, truthful, and well-intentioned. 

to be any less inserts more confusion into the equation, and could leave some wondering where their place in your life is. don't worry too much about it in the everyday, but temper your aloofness, and take care your heart and motivations when you are able.

tonight's homework:

practice makes perfect. nothing is perfect. seek perfection through practice.