sometimes all it takes is an in-person reminder and you find yourself more clearly defined.

those curious passages of time where you remain aloof, confused, bemused, and scattered? what are you doing? why is everything just a jumble of sound effects and flashing lights?

then you realize that you are taking on too much. you are looking out for so many others, that you forget to take care of yourself. and then you find that you do have the ability to say "no" and the world didn't disappear.

people still exist, love is a real thing, the planet still spins; you can feel free to do your thing. it's all gravy. when friends come through and remind you that important things are happening to them and others around you, you rediscover your empathy and patience.

find your anchors, know the properties, read between the lines, and sift through all the inherent BS. there's never been a moment of transition like this one, and i'm not going to waste it for nothing.