" signal to noise "


just a moment of pause, of silence, of being allowed to be outside of it all. passing through, but in a forward momentum, i'm taking the time to regroup...to react.

images flash behind my closed eyes. i can smell the tea brewing and the people chattering away in the distance, the sounds of airplanes overhead, and the high-pitched tone which dips in and out of the foreground, but always seems to peal through the static.

just a few more seconds now, a deep breath, a preparation of movement, and dreams of a future hot beverage or sustained face-to-face embrace. that's it, eyes opening and lips parted. the moment has passed, the moment in now gone.

tonight's homework:

eat a healthy snack, because your body needs a break from the constant barrage of chocolate-covered peanut-butter-filled pretzels...or does it?