" solid gold brick "


the crazy thing is that you're not the coolest ones anymore. there have been things that happen since your cachet peaked. and the even more curious thing, is that it may not even matter anymore in the grander scheme of things. everything is cool. nothing is cool.

the beautiful part is to have lived in such moments of definition, to have seen, heard, existed in such glory, such decadence. to discount such a moment or moments means to deny yourself the pleasure of being a part of the entire planetary experience.

there will be overwhelming dizzying heights, and there will be somber devastating lows, but what a ride. keeping a healthy perspective will help you in the long run, and the run is very long.

"cool" comes and goes, like a playful tide, or the morning fog burning off as it creeps over a mountain into the full face of the morning sunlight. everything is changing, and there is no need to have a sense of what is the top of it all right now.

it's already gone. it's a vapor, a mist, an apparition of stability. the teeter topples and the meters reset. there may be no limit to the times in which your wheel will come around again, but in each instance, the moment evolves, builds up, has reign, subsides. be a good person, help others, and the favor changes hands.

tonight's homework:

keep up the good work, whatever the good work may be.