" solo time "


you don't have to feel lonely when you're alone. sometimes i feel that long walks alone make for less distractions. you can determine your own path without consultation, there's no sense of having to wait for someone to catch up or to have to catch up to someone waiting for you. 

like so many solo activities, you are welcome to the experience of meditative thought; the freedom to think and ponder, and discuss things with yourself is sort of a pleasure. 

the most bittersweet aspect of a lone activity day is when you see something amazing or find yourself overwhelmed with the spectacular, you more often than not feel a flush of wanting someone to be there to share it with.

the world around us is pretty dynamic, and although we are beings who have a great capacity to adapt and change within those shifts in the surrounding environment, there is nothing like a friend or partner.

but only sometimes. most of the chances to walk around and exist by my lonesome i take and relish the opportunity. and one of my more present fears is that i may be growing more used to it.

tonight's homework:

take doe time aside for yourself, for the benefit and pleasure of your own, and see if spending some time with yourself makes you a more engaging person to be around others.