" my dear someone "


there is no better feeling than to know that you are someone's someone. that you are loved, noticed, appreciated, debated about & over, seen, heard, felt, empathized with, and completely present.

there is no deeper grief to be no one to no one. that you are invisible, forgotten, shifted past, walked past with disregard, unnoticed, a phantom, an apparition without even a veil of smoke, and not a double-take, let alone a first glance.

but you are. you are most definitely someone's someone. one that someone loves. one that someone dreams about, cares about, frets over, thinks of. even the someone whom you do not know of yet.

you are a treasure and a gift. you are a brightly glowing light, a dappled shimmer in the shadows. you are a beacon and a touchstone. you are heard, heartfelt, missed when gone, cherished when present, revered for attempts made, respected when in failure fallen or lifted when achievements fulfilled, and held close when the rest of the world keeps themselves at arm's length.

you are someone's someone, and that someone loves you more than you can imagine, and then some.

tonight's homework:

make someone feel better. someone you know, and even a stranger. help someone, and in doing so, lift you both up. it's a rough road sometimes, and we, we all out here, need support at times.