" someone will see you "


i found myself in the middle of a rainstorm on the island. sheltered by this tarps overhead in the bluster and throttle of the winds, you could see everyone was ill-prepared. all about me was bermuda shorts, tee shirts, and communal groans.

then to my left and only a short distance away, i could see the bus ticket attendant calm, collected, and beaming a warm light from her minuscule shelter of a booth. everything close at hand, and utilitarian, i imagined that she had been there all day long, and how she had to deal with tourists more than locals.

knowing that my self-imposed challenge is to approach those individuals who catch my attention, i made my way over to the booth through the raindrops. and what a beautifully contained bottle of an exchange followed.

i could tell she was intrigued and hesitant at the same time, but when you encounter an open mind, an open heart, and a willing for adventure, those brief moments extend into eons and time eventually becomes irrelevant.

we spoke, i requested, she agreed, and that harrowing storm (apparently the first in 4-6 months!) passed through my cares as if my shoes were never soaked through. now returned to my home base, and may miles between us, i am endlessly pleased to have had an opportunity to connect with this gem.

may you be ever happy, warm, have shelter in times of bad weather, and sunshine throughout the long legs of your life. many thanks.

tonight's homework:

take a chance on taking a chance on your bravery and see how it turns out.