" eastertime & other spoonfuls of medicine "


as spring rears its fluffy head around the cold corners of this city, it is a reminder that we must embrace change. everything shifts and scoots. the perception of life-on-lockdown rarely shines as a beholden truth, and yet we for the most part cannot believe that anything will change. 

loves ebb and flow, friends are made and disappear, delicious meals pass through the same as forgettable ones. it is the way of our linear existence, and we have to meet it face-to-face. it will happen. it is already here.

in this fashion, i have added images to some galleries including a new shoot for my the adorned body & cape, cloak, cowl projects, some new portraits in the people/places II gallery, and a new image of the ever-inspiring collaborator risa.

aaaand, if you haven't already, peep out my new tumblr blog "i saw something" if you want to keep up with my obsession with polaroid camera packfilm adventuring.

so spring is almost finally here, and we must all do our part to live, really live. get out on that dancefloor and show me what you got.

tonight's homework:

let your guard down for a moment, and share 3-5 things about yourself to a close friend or significant other. choose things that you feel strongly about but haven't told them about yourself yet. people love to know more about you, the real you, and if they're worth it, it will only bring you closer. oh yeah, and remember to brush and floss in case of that close proximity; fresh breath and dental hygiene is sexy.