" spring herbs and wistfulness "


the heart requires a nourishment, a loving enriching to fuel itself for times ahead and sometimes for times past. .


outside forces and distant winds, the santa anas blustering wildly, pummeling, knocking about, the tumult and the vigor. a knotted stomach and a furrowed brow.

the beauty of that day, walking through the shaded paths. who could have foreseen any calamity on the horizon. 

this was the ecology of those times, now silenced in a veiled memory, a silent pause, then a whispered prayer.

a past brought out of dappled sunlight and houseplants, collectively breathing easy. no one felt a yearning more then than now, and what a time was had. what a time.

tonight's homework:

write down five memorable moments in your life, good or bad, forwarding or stagnant, dark or bright or fondly remembered. write them down on a sheet of paper and sit with them for a few moments. those are your memories, yours alone. work your way down the list, allowing enough time to relive them just a little, then safely burn them to ash and let go of them into the loose breeze. you are free.