" standing before greatness "


you know when you're looking at a masterful stroke. whether in the arts world, on the street, in nature, or through the eyes of someone, it is something to recognize as a definition of a beauty in the world.

if you approach this beauty willingly or if it catches you off-guard and all of a sudden, i wonder what synapse it triggers. the world goes silent for a bit, and all your attentions hone into a fine focus. it is so overwhelming, we must be still to behold its attributes.

the slopes and valleys of its curvature, the delicacy in the colors if it has vibrancy, tones, or saturation at all, or the textures in all their physical manifestations. it begs of you a moment's pause, just a brief one, in order for you to take it all in, absorb a certain truth, then move on knowing that you share this world with something as amazing as yourself.

tonight's homework:

find yourself in awe of something, even if it is for a few seconds. everything has a beauty.