" the sublime anchor "


once in a while something very special happens. you note it and take note, no matter how slight or bold to action or circumstance. these are the moments to cherishing your life of making.

the creation and fruition of an idea requires development, sometimes years, sometimes decades. sometimes mere seconds. they are all valid if you see them through, and if the winds are right, if the light quality correct, if you ate a delicious healthful breakfast, if the planets are in alignment, if it is low tide, if so many things.

and when you've got lightning in a bottle, you can tell. when you've collaborated on something so simple and so profound, you know it's going to be transcendent.

these are the sublime anchors which keep you tethered to your craft, and lets loose your stresses as if every ache and pain in your skeleton suddenly exits your body. you find your footing, and the strength to push on.

when it happens, you find yourself standing at the far end of a long pier facing the open water. the light shimmers and folds in on itself as the surface ripples and quivers. you close the eyes of your experience and confidence, and trust your skills as you press the shutter.