" summa summah "


the dank shift in the air signal the looming thunderstorm approaching. the leaves and branches of nearby trees sway and brush against each other producing the sound of waves crashing and ebbing. dark clouds linger over the distant city.

but we persevere on in our defiance and acceptance of this transition. plans are made, barbeques  are being lit, the daylight is savored, and no matter what we feel about the significance of the day, friendship, goodly neighbor-ship, and the consumption of burgers is on the docket.

so fie on the impending rains, fie on not engaging with your fellow people, and fie on everything but positive energies in the world. we can hold this day of rest as one of a template of days where we may have opportunity to show respect, remembrance, and implement the practice of goodwill.

tonight's homework:

be safe, take care of each other, invite people to kick it.