" sunbeams through the branches "


dear moms,

you who has born me into the word, who has nourished me, sacrificing both time, money, hopes and dreams for me. a great many thanks into infinity. there are no words, there are no words.

there are always words.

a true definition of grace, charm, beauty, and perpetual inspiration. you made sure i would be a thoughtful, caring, loving, and empathetic person in the world. and i have great hopes that i am doing great in that role. it is one i am very proud to up old and broadcast.

our moments together these days, however short in time, echo and resound long after we say our goodbyes. i am one of your loving sons, and i am a being of light, kindness, reciprocity, and have a wealth of tools for good at my disposal due to your dutiful instruction.

many blessing to you now that you are back home so many miles away, and i wish you continued health, happiness, fulfillment, laughter, adventure, and a sublime sense of peaceful calm.  all my love,

your son

tonight's homework:

let someone know how you feel. we gain nothing by holding it all in.