" the beauty behind the beauty "


i see you. so many distractions and decorations blocking the line of sight.

and yet i see you beyond the shimmer, beyond the flash & pomp, the façade & flair. coming into clear focus through a veil of costumes and false identities.

you remain powerful and unyielding, the resilience of this stature builds and flexes from within a moment of lowered self-confidence.

but i see you in all of your open glory, beaming open-hearted and broadcasting telemetries of your inner joys. just behind those unsure eyes and hesitation, there has been nothing quite as crystalline.


" in dark times "


dear yourself in dark times,

right now you are doing great, and doing great things. it's summertime, and the sun is shining high and hot in a clear blue. the season has shifted, and each day, everything is looking up and forward.

but when you feel all other lights are dimmed and fleeting, i will try my best to be a light for you.

no more sadness no more loneliness, no more anguish or despair. i am always nearby, willing to help.

the best things about this life are those things that you can count on. and you can count on me.


you from ten minutes ago

tonight's homework:

remind yourself that you are awesome, loved, important, and meaningful.



a time spent with strangers and old friends. great deliberate attempts at conversation and understanding.

the world shrinks a little, as we make those vital social connections. laughter, recognition, camaraderie, an intimacy of newness and shared information.

we find ourselves with less and less time left on the planet, and yet with each passing day, we become closer to it all. this renewal of awe and sentimentality purely fuels the desire to be more social and make more connections.

this is the active making time to be furiously leisurely while making an acquaintance. these are the actions which lead to slowing down the pace.