" dream development "


i've had some strange dreams. vivid, alluring, horrifying, colorful, whisper-quiet ones. ones in which skeletons pop up out of the ground like a harryhausen flick, chasing me across a darkened schoolfield and i only can muster the energy to run in slow motion.

i've had ones where i speak to relatives who have passed away, to exes where we resolve our past arguments and silences, to the children that i haven't had yet. some mornings i wake up sobbing in grief, or joy, or awoken to reality out from a lifetime spent living a complete existence as an amalgam of myself and my past lives. most of my dreams take place at a time where the sun hangs low and languid, the golden hour.

there are dreams where i revisit places and locations that i've only seen inside of a previous dream. it's years later, and i recognize the terrain, the construction of buildings, structures, streets now devoid of life. it's a homecoming of such familiarity, that i start to question the nature of my consciousness, and debate whether this waking life is a dream being explored.

i love to fly in my dreams; it usually begins with the feeling of built-up energy, like my limbs will explode. a burst of electricity and i begin to swim into the air. mostly freestyle and breaststroke, and i am lifted higher and higher before i am soaring. such a feeling of freedom and weightlessness. it is a sustained elation, and usually only after becoming lucid while in flight, do i lose altitude, and crash to the ground.

there is a resolve that occurs each night, and it remains one of the most powerful tools i have to aid in the development of my better nature. it is a certain flavor of bliss which is rarely matched without the aid of a certain chemistry.

the lessons learned, the life lived beyond the veil of slumber...these are the powerful exercises where i go to when i sleep. the dreamworlds i inhabit, however ethereal, however comforting, however terrifying or haunting, always provides me with the opportunity for the reinvention and reevaluation of the Self.

tonight's homework:

spend some time preparing yourself for a restful sleep. it's not the easiest thing to do in the time of screens and artifice, but the benefits of a quiet calm and relaxation nearly ensures a deep sleep followed by the promise of visions.



delights and revelry for the time being. allowing yourself the time however brief, to experience a slice of the infinite. all around are songs, public celebration, hope spreading, laughter and dancing, beauty in the cold night.

we find ourselves once again at the beginning of a cycle. this linear and ceaseless existence never fails to deliver the gift of memory, moments, opportunities, and random observations.

i wish to all the very best of luck this year, and hope that this new year’s day marks the beginning of you getting out there and facing fears, adversity, complacency, doubt, and the horrors of previously concrete self-definition.

it’s going to be an interesting time.