" letting go of it "


finding yourself at the edges of all that grudge, ire, frustration and pain, and tiring of the burden of it. the massive weight upon your shoulders like a vice grip of red electricity and the enormity of the earth at rest.

you come to an understanding like a well lit corridor which you walk down the length of until you discover a certain truth in an opening behind a dark door.

you don't need to hold on to this weight any longer.

coming to this realization fills you up with such anger towards yourself for being so blind and hateful for so long. this dissipates into the most profound searing soothing hope coursing throughout.

for just the briefest of moments you pay a small unnecessary homage to your heavy cloak of past misfortune; you sometimes felt that you deserved that self-inflicted treatment. and just like the sometimes blissful transition from dreams into awakedness, or the emergence from a dark tunnel into an open field, you find that you have made a choice.

one to move beyond your limitations, one to forego all past notions of doubt, woe, regret, and sorrow.

you can be free of it, and you are soaring.