" the curiousity which leads you "


where you went to sleep doesn't have to dictate where you will wake up. ride the train into destinations unknown. cross borders and experience new realities.

there is little time to waste, and there's so much to see. be engaged, have an opinion, be flexible, be open to change, and follow your heart not your fears.

cross oceans if where you are is not enough. we could find ourselves in other lands, other cultures, other climes, surrounded by completely different people, languages, mannerisms, public transit systems, deletable foods, and beauties unmatched.

tonight's homeowrk:

explore beyond the periphery of your self-defined borders or limits; there are many colors yet to see.



dreaming and wishing all good things into existence.

one pinch of luck, one dash opportunity, one smidgen threading the needle, and a touch of a whisper of tenacity to see the thing through.

one should not wait for beauty or love or chance or employment or experiences to arrive at their feet like a delivered package apropos of nothing.

one should feel free to encounter these things in an active manner, and meet them at the source of everything. in this manner, you'll never have to wait for the phone to ring; you'll be the one who created the line.