" the end of things is the beginning "


sometimes the good news is bad news while bad news is still bad news, screaming is pleasurable though you go hoarse, crying is happiness and your guts ache with joy, cuts are thrilling though the thrill is breif, pain is exhilerating while a soft touch excruciating. 

we revel in this gray area emotional wonderland of reality and fantasy mashing all the best parts together. if there a true sense of happiness without the somber, or a sense of the self without the sense of mortality? how can you know a true contentment until you know where the parameters of the spectrum are?

i am the interconnected three-dimensional venn diagram with so may shaded-in areas, who could help but notice the Self that i am. my certain flavor is so complex, some do not know how to react; am i a relief or a menace?

sometimes the end of things are the beginning, and we've nothing to do but ponder, meet it at the gates, allow it in, and deal with the crossing of the line. too many things intersect at the same time to think of anything as a straight line. so take a moment, and feel free to move on.

tonight's homework:

ake some time to reevaluate your true interests. are they safe? are they detrimental? do they make you proud? would the continuation of them make your parents blush? have a think upon your base motivations, and see where that line of thought takes you. i bet more than anything, you'll rediscover that you may have been correct about yourself all along, and that nothing at all is wrong with anything.