" sketches, just sketches: a dream "


classroom apocalypse. slug sushi. james.

samurai time warp. hiding spots, ninjas. backpack, beanie.

killed a man with a katana. broke his finger, he had a gun. friends wife in the room.

thai school event. hotel hi-so guests. itchy kimono. trying to tune a nylon string instrument.

food court confusion.

tonight's homework:

begin a dream journal. it doesn't have to be extensive, each night, or even well kept up. it just needs to be the best recount of the details and storyline you can remember. i usually have a google doc ready to go when i wake up or a notepad by the bed or make a dictated voice memo on my phone when i awaken. it's a weird practice that if done ever so often, provides a real (and at time funny) source of insight into your dream and waking life.