" freeing yourself to be free "


expanding yourself, opening up yourself, being honest and forthright. these attributes do not go unmarked and unnoticed. you are an artist ever-creating, ever-flexing, and ever-exploring past predetermined and perceived boundaries.

if you look closely, really take the time and take a close look, you'll see that many lines and borders are not there. you'll begin to feel great weights slough away, and the release of tension is so immediate and frank, that a supreme lightness could well up in your entirety.

this sense of Self-realization, this aura of contentment and hope, of shifting towards something amazing and without shame, this is the moment of clarity you've been seeking perhaps.

and perhaps it's just a blip. perhaps it's just a lick of a 9-volt, a scrape of your shin along a jagged exposed curb, a sudden flush of blood to your face, a riot of crackles from a bonfire which singes your arm hair because you got too close.

you're on the edge of the edge in ululating waves which wash and flow over your skin. you are in the water with arms spread. you are on land with your legs pumping without strain as you run and run and run. you are in the sky defying physics, eyes open wide, laughing raucously amidst the surrounding atmosphere.

tonight's homework:

since absolutely no one responded to my call, please continue to work on the previous assignment (CONTEST!), or in the least consider it as an opportunity to do something out of routine for the weekend and the upcoming week.

maybe this proves to me that although people might be reading this blog, no one seems to want to engage. this is fine with me, but if you want to engage, if you feel like you have something to say and share, i just want you to know that it's okay to share with me.

i'm therefore extending the contest one week. the new deadline will be good friday, march 29th. other than that, be good to friends and strangers alike; the rewards are ceaseless.