" sketches, just sketches: a dream "


classroom apocalypse. slug sushi. james.

samurai time warp. hiding spots, ninjas. backpack, beanie.

killed a man with a katana. broke his finger, he had a gun. friends wife in the room.

thai school event. hotel hi-so guests. itchy kimono. trying to tune a nylon string instrument.

food court confusion.

tonight's homework:

begin a dream journal. it doesn't have to be extensive, each night, or even well kept up. it just needs to be the best recount of the details and storyline you can remember. i usually have a google doc ready to go when i wake up or a notepad by the bed or make a dictated voice memo on my phone when i awaken. it's a weird practice that if done ever so often, provides a real (and at time funny) source of insight into your dream and waking life.


" some summer happenstance "


riding your bicycle home in the evening, the trees lining the inner looped roadway in the park creating the loveliest thoroughfare. warm winds caress your ears, face, neck, shoulders, and all the way down to the dimples of your ankles.

the doppler effect of feet meeting pavement as you float past runners slowly shifts into the brassy long tones of sung melancholy.

beautiful melodies counterpoised with slow steady deliberate music glide upon an errant gale, curls itself into the architecture of your ears, and nestles inside of your bones. the amplified sounds grow closer as you approach, the echoes of which reverberate throughout your skeleton and you feel all blue colors of the night.

peering through a gated fence, nothing can shut out the long reach of this music; it's lengthy slender fingers slipping through the braided diamonds, and holds the weight of your head in its comforting palms.

everything is stillness and invisible wavelengths. your heart goes electric and in that moment, you feel everything.


" you are golden "


dear to me you are gold. constant, malleable, distinct. up close or far away, near in my heart, and make me a better person.

a beauty beyond compare, neither pure or distasteful because of impurities. rather you become more and more and more each day, lovely and a reminder of all the nigh indescribable wonder in the world.

tonight's homework:

remind people how much they mean to you. i bet they already know, but it's always nice to hear and relay. cook a meal together with someone, watch a film, mingle, hug, exist in simple blisses of your own creation.


" flush all over "


running through the forest at dusk. the sun honey drip dipping below the horizon in the far distance, and the last fleeting streams losing their grip amongst the trunks, up to the branches, and finally the wide endless canopy.

the chirping of all the insects and rumble of other animals, rise and envelop the atmosphere; a veritable verdant wall of sound waves. you stand amidst this raw nature as you remember that you too are a wild animal.

the dusk blankets as nighttime approaches, and the world becomes a beautifully dense darkness. the symphony of an entire ecosystem develops and extends beyond the visible universe.

you are home.


" a curious day at the museum: a dream "


i was walking the grounds of an old olympic park, when i saw a small crew painting something along the eaves of a roof’s edge of an open forum.

it was like a large curl of a circular wall with about 35 degrees cut out to create the opening in the wall. then there was a curved roof overhead with a hole cut out in the top center of it in the shape of a serene oval, then another roof escalated over the hole with supports. shafts of light beamed into the space bright and soft.

as i got closer, i realized that the thing that was being painted was a whale statue.

then i realized i was in germany or austria.

one man was standing on the fourth rung from the bottom of this orange ladder and painting the underbelly of the whale statue/carving with a medium wide paintbrush on the end of a long wooden stave. his fellow crewman was telling him that he needed to get a bigger brush and move closer, but the painter disregarded that sentiment.

i had my camera and i wanted to photograph the whale.

a tour group entered the space led by an amish tour guide, and they all got in the way of the perfect shot. i waited patiently for a woman in a red tactical north face jacket to get her shot; she talked excitedly with her mother who was nearby, but was paying attention to the tour guide.

after they moved and i got the shot, i looked around the inner walls, and noticed they were all covered with lush green ivy; a living wall which breathed in and out.

i saw a table set up on the far side of the space and walked over to them; there were a lot of informational brochures.

one of the women from the museum i freelance for was at the table and she asked me if i got the letter. “what letter?” i asked back. “the letter from that woman,” she said.

they were trying to set me up on a date, and i was thankful, but didn’t receive a letter.

i walked out of the area and down to a clear open lake where all the tourists were swimming with their children.

then i woke up.


" from a slice of all time "


i have to remind myself to remind myself to not put all my focus on one thing or person or situation. to be that myopic gives me tunnel-vision, and i find it really hard to unlatch.

when i get into cleaning my desk at home, it turns into half-cleaning/half-reminiscing and then i get the cleaning-itch and begin to clean my floor, room, hallway, apartment. it's good to be detail-oriented, but i get lost.

the hours pass, the day wanes, the sun sets behind the buildings, behind the horizon, and it becomes nighttime becomes twilight becomes dawn. time is ceaseless until our time in this life is over, so i need to remember to take that time i have now and even it all out.

so, gone thieves of activity time, good riddance burglars of multitasking, and fare thee well appropriators of socializing. as always it is nice to have you over in small increments, but i've things to do.

thank you of your company, i've now things to do.

tonight's homework:

you are great! you are valid! you have every potential to accomplish tasks great and minuscule! shelf a mania and explore a newfound interest or activity. expand your world in metered steps.


" slipping slowly into a season "


hello hot mornings leading to hot afternoons, welcome swelter and heatwaves on black tar streets.

hello rumbling thunderstorms and looming clouds. find a seat delicious ice creams from oft-queued parlors.

entree vous i'm home and removes pants immediately. howdy doo a/c on full with a fan action.

wonderful to see you outdoor seating with snacks and laughter. and good tidings to the lightning bugs at nighttime.

it is all wonderful to be entranced by your summer'd ways. i very much look forward to the time we have left together.


" nothing beyond repair "


when you feel spent, overwhelmed, stubborn, and exhausted, there is something to allowing yourself a release. remember to breathe deeply, exhale fully, and ponder upon this metered breath.

i know firsthand these depths and these feelings of anguish. you will get through these hard times. it's a promise which can be made, but it takes a level of vulnerability and humbleness.

when you put out that good energy and optimistic vibes out into the world, it comes back to you in your darkest times. there is room for pride, but do not let it stop you from healing.

no one can know what the future brings, but we can at all times be prepared and ready ourselves.

tonight's homework:

dare to have a hope. dare to have a dream. spend time healing others. heal yourself.


" the hushed silence "


among the whispers and the joyous outbursts during the free outdoor screening, those who were alone in the crowd felt a sense of togetherness.

all people laughing in unison, nodding to the music, feeling all things, and the night lingered on beautifully whole.

tonight's homework:

take care of yourself, family & friends. we're all in this together, and need all the support we can get.


" traveling for knowledge "


when you hedge your bets on yourself, great things shift. you begin to see that you can steer the trajectory of your life towards uncharted successes. you enrich your quality of life, and the lives of others.

the particular slice of freedoms we enjoy can alter your vision of the future in curious and beneficial ways as well. we're instilled with a "create your own adventure" mentality and learn within a strange framework of rigidity and possibility. so it's up to us to take it upon ourselves to better ourselves, color outside the lines, and cross the thresholds of our own hesitant insecurities.

when you take these custom-crafted plans, no matter the outcome, you are tapping into something so beautiful, so pure. those are moments you remember when you say "remember when..."

suddenly opportunities open up and you can be the architect of your dream-making. taking that first chance on yourself is the best tenuous moment; immaculate silence like a spread white sheet.


" the curiousity which leads you "


where you went to sleep doesn't have to dictate where you will wake up. ride the train into destinations unknown. cross borders and experience new realities.

there is little time to waste, and there's so much to see. be engaged, have an opinion, be flexible, be open to change, and follow your heart not your fears.

cross oceans if where you are is not enough. we could find ourselves in other lands, other cultures, other climes, surrounded by completely different people, languages, mannerisms, public transit systems, deletable foods, and beauties unmatched.

tonight's homeowrk:

explore beyond the periphery of your self-defined borders or limits; there are many colors yet to see.


" beyond what you see "


no need for kid gloves with me. i'm a dark horse with crimson lips. the brash gale which whips at the walls of your preconceived notions.

come correct or not at all. the deep wake of my strengths slicing through wide waters defy expectation.

we'll treat each other as friends and fellow humans, or walk on by. i've no time for ill behavior, cruelty, teasing, or the all too-oft catcall.

i am the water, the sun, the earth, the molten core. i am the cold of space, the endless night, and the breaking dawn.


" when you wear the best fit of the day "


invincibility as a construct is a difficult state to maintain. no matter how invulnerable we feel, our skin is still exposed to the world.

but a complete fit can be that armor to deflect all manner of hesitation. you can find yourself amidst naysayers or judgmental people, and render yourself immediately devoid of harm.

when you wear the best fit of the day, people take heed, and you have soul-fangs. one thing less is the matter, and you can walk tall, proud, confident, beaming, glowing, radiating.

i suppose i am still working on a complete best fit of the day, but i'm getting there piece by piece.

tonight's homework:

make yourself feel better for the benefit of yourself. things are always looking up.


" top of a small mountain is still a mountain "


above the ground, above the world, below the sky.

feet planted firmly and feeling powerful with the wind in your face and the strength of generations flowing through you.

all the pains ebbed, the ire depleted, the sadness vanquished. you stand on top of a small mountain and survey the future.

everything possible, loves in your life, delicious foods, your body running full throttle hurtling into every amazing experience after another, never stopping, never letting up.

then a quiet moment of reflection and a held breath exhaled.


" summertime alignment "


it's the bright encompassing low sunlight with the extended deep shadows. we find ourselves walking down the streets where there is no escape from this quality of light, and its strength matches the loving closeness of humidity.

your skin feels damp and flush with the heat, and each step requires a shifting navigation of movement such that a small draft or gust of cooler air slips between the back of your shirt and the nape of the collar.

the afternoon pushes on as you engage it. there is no rush other than the self-imposition of wanting to get to point B in general. the faces of the people in the street resembles that of the suffering of the swelter, but you revel in it.

tonight's homework:

stay cool and don't be in a rush; life's pleasures are all in the details.


" sun-kissed & baked "


hark! the clouds break and the rains turn to a drizzle to a drip drop, then nothing but lovely golden silence.

the sunset beams burn their way through the cloud cover, and cleaves particles to reach our bodies. the lengthy travel between near outer space and our receptive molecules is near-instantaneaous.

we stand upon the rooftop and welcome the glowing warmth, which arrive in a dazzle of photons and particles unseen.


" outside the universe while inside the universe "


beauty beauty beauty all around. the sun hangs low, and we see these brief moments where everything is in alignment.

you have to stop. you are compelled to revel in the scene. and it becomes so much more than the glimpse of initial interest.

you are moved. you are transported. you are beyond the curtain of reality, and nothing else matters in that instance. you can see beyond the ether; you find solace and fulfillment.

it can be silly things which draw you in, but the pattern and the lines, the way they intersect or parallel, sometimes barely touching which gives some places a near indescribable sense of true elegance.

tonight's homework:

keep an eye out for people, places, or objects which catch your eye. it will change your entire life to behold.


" the golden hour "


in a moment of contemplation, i looked out towards the slowly dipping sun. all the hollows of the empty streets glowed amber, and the long shadows crept steadily up the alleyway walls.

there at the end of the day, the everlasting stillness elongated. i could take it all in, think about the entirety of it all. my family, childhood, my loves, my present, my future. in that place, i became the fulcrum for those memories and thoughts, and around me such a warmth.

no regrets in this life. no more doubts, no more pain, no more disappointments, no more broken promises or worry. i looked out and down the long desolation, amongst the outer corridors of the city limits, and remained hopeful for everything.

the outstretched golden arms of the sun released its grip, and the sweet softness of dusk emerged like a fitted cloak about my body.


" eyes behind the vision "


having a vision and being able to develop it so that you may transfer your soul and feelings into the image. this is a challenging activity, and with so many "visionaries" on the planet, it's those few which shine through the stock and clutter of the visual arts.

when you have the impulse to create something, you don't need to necessarily breakdown the impulse itself; to categorize the impetus and origins are not needed. all we require is to have a medium and a platform, and gather collaborators around us to aid in the completion of any number of amazing projects.

there's no need for doubt or wariness, for hesitation or shyness. this is the time when you have the courage to extend yourself into the world, and know that there is an audience out there.

tonight's homework:

pull no punches, no holding back. playtime is here, and you are the one to write the rules.


" soul revolution "


i've been here before, in many forms, many bodies, and many consciousnesses over many lifetimes. i am the tree. i am the brook flowing through the forest. i seek rivers through the canyons.

i am the animals on the land. i am the deepest oceans. i am the darkness and the light, and i am in each shade of color in between. i am the cosmos and that star matter. i am dark energy and the synapses.

i am the flesh and i am the molecules. i am heat. i am lava. i am the fire which renews and decimates.

i am everything that you are, that i was, that exists.

i am the thought before the action and the impulse before the desire. i've always been here and i will continue to exist long after everything is devoid of description.

tonight's homework:

make today count.