" some summer happenstance "


riding your bicycle home in the evening, the trees lining the inner looped roadway in the park creating the loveliest thoroughfare. warm winds caress your ears, face, neck, shoulders, and all the way down to the dimples of your ankles.

the doppler effect of feet meeting pavement as you float past runners slowly shifts into the brassy long tones of sung melancholy.

beautiful melodies counterpoised with slow steady deliberate music glide upon an errant gale, curls itself into the architecture of your ears, and nestles inside of your bones. the amplified sounds grow closer as you approach, the echoes of which reverberate throughout your skeleton and you feel all blue colors of the night.

peering through a gated fence, nothing can shut out the long reach of this music; it's lengthy slender fingers slipping through the braided diamonds, and holds the weight of your head in its comforting palms.

everything is stillness and invisible wavelengths. your heart goes electric and in that moment, you feel everything.


" NYE " 2 0 1 3 " (the "i edit very slow" edition)


a 1st day of the year editing session yields a piece that i completely meant to finish on the same day A YEAR AGO!

haha, so i suppose the lesson, if i wanted to self-impose one onto myself with no deadlines except the ones you implement for yourself, is that if you dedicate yourself to finishing something…you could totally do it in a few hours.

or in the least get organized and begin a project. what was  i waiting for?

so, hopefully it’s still relevant, and interesting as a reflective short. i still cannot believe it took me a whole year to do it, and this has become the best example of a procrastination-last-minute-hail-mary-cram-session everrrrrrrr,

enjoy, and happy new year.



delights and revelry for the time being. allowing yourself the time however brief, to experience a slice of the infinite. all around are songs, public celebration, hope spreading, laughter and dancing, beauty in the cold night.

we find ourselves once again at the beginning of a cycle. this linear and ceaseless existence never fails to deliver the gift of memory, moments, opportunities, and random observations.

i wish to all the very best of luck this year, and hope that this new year’s day marks the beginning of you getting out there and facing fears, adversity, complacency, doubt, and the horrors of previously concrete self-definition.

it’s going to be an interesting time.