" curious excursions "


rising waters up the length of your body. up the flanks, up the torso, past your chest, neck, ears, eventually the eyes, and just past the top of your head.

you're swimming in a river of stagnation, a sea of cautious nature, and an ocean of self-defeat. this is not your life. this is the moment to unmoor yourself to a perceived destiny, and begin to cast off from the burdens of these familiar shores.

this is the time for a disembarkation to every wish and fantasy dreampt up, to distant shores of endless possibilities, through the limitations self-imposed by fear and dissolution. now is the right tide.

now if the moment you change your life forever, and benefit greatly and forever because of a sense of bravery counterpoised by a twinge of foresight. look ahead and be brave. no one is going to hold you back now.

you're on the way.