" the line in the circle "


you should at all times make the attempt to give pause before saying something out of frustration, judgement, or anger. you may be fueling your discontent based on a single moment of ire, and it is difficult to know the long-lasting outcomes of momentary vitriol.

when you feel that white-hot heat of displeasure, welling up seating heavy and square upon your torso, of course there's nothing more relieving than unleashing it into the world as quick as possible.

but take a moment, a true moment of pause. allow this feeling to manifest, to evolve and ripen. recognize it and give it a power and a name. know it's presence is as valid as all other feelings, and deserves to exist. then with that recognition, you may make your choices.

all it takes are mere seconds and the situation changes, the day shifts into something else, the tone of your week alters, your life is now different. it is all that simple and it is all that complex.

when you make a line through a circle, it's an active choice. there is an entrance and an exit. a beginning and an end. it has always been like this, and afterwards, nothing is ever the same.