" on nearby shores "


sunlight on my face. closed eyes, and how the entire world goes an amber-red glow.

warm summer breeze clutching and clinging to my face like a whiplash flurry of kisses on the cheek.

the smell of the open ocean in the distance, and the guttural hum of the vessel mingling with the sounds of far off bellows.

riding along the chop and currents, we're making our way to the island.


" here, there, everywhere "


they'll tell you it's about the destination. but then what about the planning, the tickets, the camaraderie, the language lessons, the ho(s)tels, the photo equipment, the swimwear, the burner phones, the notepaper and writing instruments, the sunglasses, the one set of "dress" clothing for the just in case, the snacks, the candies, the sunscreen, soap, toiletries, the sense of adventure, the troubleshooting, the anticipation of rail travel, the sightseeing, the alleyways, the waterways, the quiet calm spaces, the cities bustling at night, the people, the faces, the midnight reverie?

it's not solely in the destination; it's the life lived in the in between where the gold is sewn.

tonight's homework:

make some plans for exploration/adventure.



traveling by way of public transportation, i made my way over the east river to jersey city. it is my friend’s birthday party.

those moments after getting off the PATH train and into the cool night, you realize how much quieter and serene this part of new jersey is. almost too quiet, but never feeling menacing, the enclosing black shapes all sorts of beautiful angles and shapes.

you can see why people who can afford it, would move to such a place; lovely riverside walks, great view of manhattan from the side, picturesque, almost noble in its visual sumptuousness.

i left with a friend with a car, and as we went through the holland tunnel, i could still feel the alluring remnants of those caressing waters upon night shores.