" traveling for knowledge "


when you hedge your bets on yourself, great things shift. you begin to see that you can steer the trajectory of your life towards uncharted successes. you enrich your quality of life, and the lives of others.

the particular slice of freedoms we enjoy can alter your vision of the future in curious and beneficial ways as well. we're instilled with a "create your own adventure" mentality and learn within a strange framework of rigidity and possibility. so it's up to us to take it upon ourselves to better ourselves, color outside the lines, and cross the thresholds of our own hesitant insecurities.

when you take these custom-crafted plans, no matter the outcome, you are tapping into something so beautiful, so pure. those are moments you remember when you say "remember when..."

suddenly opportunities open up and you can be the architect of your dream-making. taking that first chance on yourself is the best tenuous moment; immaculate silence like a spread white sheet.


" to the time spent wisely "


as you find yourself at a moment of transition, one begins to realize all of the many things you did, people you've met and grown to love, or loved and lost. we always expect that things will turn out, that they happen for a reason, and that reason is a good one.

friendships flourish under strenuous tests of patience, distance, planning, and life just happening the way it happens. we can almost not take too much credit for the active chaos constantly swirling and whipping about our daily activities.

it's better yet to observe those beautifully meaningful passages of time where you were seen, where you were heard, and where something profound was exchanged, perhaps even if it were the most simple phrase which turned strangers into family.

or was it a single whisper. or was it a shared silence.

we live our lives to the best of our ability, love to the fullest & highest capacity our bodies and hearts may muster. we live for truths, honesty, bravery, kinship, understanding, patience, beauty, delight, joy, and love.

we've had the loveliest time, this time, and in the time we shared, not one moment was i ever ill-prepared for your departure from this city. but i am not surprised or hurt. only the aches and pains of a friend increasing the level of negative proximity, which in this case is parallel to an ever-expanding sense of pride and happiness for your future adventuring.

we go with you in spirit where our bodies may not follow, and in the final days, hours, minutes, seconds, remind you that you were here. you were loved. you made a difference. and you will be missed.