" in a blink "


moments of serendipity, and how we find each other out in the world.

she called out to me in the street, and i was at unawares. just the recognition wasn't enough. i could see a familiar shape, but dusk was descending, and maybe it could've been someone telling me my backpack was open.

but it wasn't at all.

separated briefly by a red light and how one cannot help but smile because you know hellos are in order. we greeted warmly, talked and strolled. then walked our way down south through the city, through the park. into and between the soft lights amidst the darkness.

everything looked brand new with another set of eyes peering around corners. exploration doesn't have to be rushed. you don't need to whip past so many things in order to feel like you did it, that you were there, that it meant something.

sometimes the slow pace is where you find out the most about yourself, your environment, and each other.

tonight's homework:

take a long walk with a friend to a destination unknown. keep your eyes open for everything and anything.


" garden rituals "


when dreams begin to cross the threshold into reality, sparks fly, the mind expands, and each atom in the universe comes to rest. all matter manifests in a shape of your choosing, and the vibrations of magnetic fields caress.

we find ourselves in the proper place, and stillness permeates through the white noise. the clutter of abstract thought finds its alignment. people understand each other. you breath fuller.

we plant the seeds into the ether, and everything flourishes and blossoms.

you for at least a moment find your stride, and your soul beams.

tonight's homework:

create one piece of art in your life, success or folly, and revel in your complete ability to put something new into the world.