" all signs point to awesome "


you're looking through the green curtain, through the veils, through the disbelief in all the things you want to accomplish but have the fear sitting on your chest like a spear straight through the heart.

looking, peering, and noticing that the supposed briars and brambles are in your mind. you create your barriers, and you create the keys to walk through them.

everything is perfect for a proper de-shackling. the sun is out, the birds are singing, flowers are in bloom, and somewhere all that untapped potential is ready to expand.

tonight's homework:

give yourself a break, and do dat ish right.


" boom sha-clack "


it's about that time for that get outta my way, do not doubt me, outside the lines ish. the city is beginning to heat up, and i'm gearing up for a creative push.

gonna revamp some stuff, gonna update some stuff, gonna focus in, refine, produce up, and output out. keep me on point, keep me in check.

it's about to get real personal deadlines in a hot sec, and i need my collaborators to rally. there's no stopping time, but i can can now ramp up stopping procrastination and complacency. it's gonna get messy in the best ways.


" graduated nostalgia "


and we always seem to find ourselves here in this place, longing for a home far away. we miss there when we're here, and here when we're there. endless longing for a time fleeting, for a place in transition, for a life already lived.

to sense these shifts and be present in the current moment or location, fuels this nostalgia. and what do we do to recreate those distant happinesses, experiences, meals, lifestyles? can we get as close to a time machine as much as possible, or is it all moot?

but still we feel the pull for the known past in the wake of an unknown future. while not entirely blissfully at unawares, we still retain that level of bliss. to know that the world around us, and the endless possibility of going to those myriad of desired destinations.