" you are one of the first "


each morning you awake to the world anew. surrounded by darkness or bathed in light, partnered or alone, everything shifts slowly from a dream into the recognizable dream of reality.

find your bearings and ready for this new day, new life, new to all the experiences you'll have. you are going to meet so many new people today, and what do you choose to do with that opportunity? 

in each passing second, endless variation of all manner and permutation. there has never been a moment such as this one. it is coming, it is happening, it has happened, it is gone.

what lingers? what remains in your soul? each morning we are very lucky to be able to open ourselves to the universe, and the pleasure is in the details. what will you do today?

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, we go along.

life is but a dream.


" to the water, to the water "


sometimes i dream of dark water.

whether in a pool at nighttime with all the lights turned off and curious illumination from within the depths, or in the wide open seas with unknown fathoms leading down to monstrous cephalopods.

never sure what dreaming about water, the ocean at night, being surrounded by the comfort of the waves and currents, but knowing that at some hidden level there lurks creatures unknown.

most of the time it's circling orcas or ululating humpback whales. they're never dangerous per se, but have a sense of menace and curiosity at the same time.

in some dreams i sink ever so slightly to four or five body lengths below the surface, and i can breathe! i love those dreams because you have a breath and you can see sharp and clear. as someone who has severely impaired vision, a life without eyeglasses and contact lenses is bliss.

i would swim down into the dense black, explore caverns with bioluminescent amoebas. these beautiful dreams allow me the opportunity to face fears, skirt some dangers, and remain near-lucid.

upon waking, i miss the sensation of the body of water cradling itself all about your being. it's the melancholy of finding yourself in the real world, on land, and devoid of the clutch and caress of the entire universe.


" on nearby shores "


sunlight on my face. closed eyes, and how the entire world goes an amber-red glow.

warm summer breeze clutching and clinging to my face like a whiplash flurry of kisses on the cheek.

the smell of the open ocean in the distance, and the guttural hum of the vessel mingling with the sounds of far off bellows.

riding along the chop and currents, we're making our way to the island.


" green grass & postcards "


setting some time aside for myself, on my time frame, and for all indulgent and positively selfish reasons.

making sure everything else is squared away. all responsibilities to others, rent is paid, groceries purchased or fully consumed, emails read and responded to, laundry cleared up or in the wash, and calls made.

while i love being helpful to anyone who needs help no matter how insignificant or how small a task, there is absolutely nothing like the freedom of going about your own route, making your own way, and meandering along a path of your choosing.

please only miss me for a day before contacting me with concerns. and if you haven't missed me at all, the return to worry will happen soon i promise. if you need of me, i will be following my curiosity to destinations unknown.


" curious excursions "


rising waters up the length of your body. up the flanks, up the torso, past your chest, neck, ears, eventually the eyes, and just past the top of your head.

you're swimming in a river of stagnation, a sea of cautious nature, and an ocean of self-defeat. this is not your life. this is the moment to unmoor yourself to a perceived destiny, and begin to cast off from the burdens of these familiar shores.

this is the time for a disembarkation to every wish and fantasy dreampt up, to distant shores of endless possibilities, through the limitations self-imposed by fear and dissolution. now is the right tide.

now if the moment you change your life forever, and benefit greatly and forever because of a sense of bravery counterpoised by a twinge of foresight. look ahead and be brave. no one is going to hold you back now.

you're on the way.