" beyond the periphery "


perpetually moving and sometimes never locating our perspective until is appears. it's so difficult and strained. there is no light through the trees or solace in the silence.

finding the time to sit on a bench and look at the world moving all of its parts around you as you become the fulcrum. everything so simple and transparent. there are the lovely shadows, beautiful dappled sunlight through the swaying leaves of shuffling branches. the silence broken by laughter, the whirring of engines, and the click-clacking of shoes on pavement.

close my eyes and the world goes red and warm, and i'm enveloped by a kind of love which extends and becomes infinite. clarity in thought washes over me, and the way through become more crystalline.

tonight's homework:

get out of doors, and see the world with fresh eyes. no time to waste anymore. go go go!