" the golden hour "


in a moment of contemplation, i looked out towards the slowly dipping sun. all the hollows of the empty streets glowed amber, and the long shadows crept steadily up the alleyway walls.

there at the end of the day, the everlasting stillness elongated. i could take it all in, think about the entirety of it all. my family, childhood, my loves, my present, my future. in that place, i became the fulcrum for those memories and thoughts, and around me such a warmth.

no regrets in this life. no more doubts, no more pain, no more disappointments, no more broken promises or worry. i looked out and down the long desolation, amongst the outer corridors of the city limits, and remained hopeful for everything.

the outstretched golden arms of the sun released its grip, and the sweet softness of dusk emerged like a fitted cloak about my body.