" garden rituals "


when dreams begin to cross the threshold into reality, sparks fly, the mind expands, and each atom in the universe comes to rest. all matter manifests in a shape of your choosing, and the vibrations of magnetic fields caress.

we find ourselves in the proper place, and stillness permeates through the white noise. the clutter of abstract thought finds its alignment. people understand each other. you breath fuller.

we plant the seeds into the ether, and everything flourishes and blossoms.

you for at least a moment find your stride, and your soul beams.

tonight's homework:

create one piece of art in your life, success or folly, and revel in your complete ability to put something new into the world.



look how the air sparkles and shimmers in the golden light of a winter afternoon. listen how the hollows shriek in the mighty storm winds.

we’re knee-deep, and our feet are flying. adventuring, exploration, and the endless possibility of

simple pleasures.

this is how i would like to spend my year.

join me if you’ve the spirit, constitution, and time to extend.