" active archiving "


keep them close. all of your precious memories, all of them.

the great moments of discovery, your childhood sequences of amateur science, playing in the streets, the sand, the grass, the sun. when you found out that freshly clipped nails were sharp. when you dug deep deep deep into the earth, and it went on forever and got cooler.

the first time you ate a particular fruit, or ate something new; stinky cheeses that confused and enticed, a smoothie, raw vegetables, cured meats, ales & liquors.

the touch. caressive fingers along open palms, down stretches of smooth skin in the afternoon. hands massaging your head through your hair or lack of hair. hugs, hits, falls, falling in love, falling out of love, falling away into the ocean. tears welling up and tears streaming uncontrollably out of your face.

joys, elation, running and giggling out loud. freedom flying like a slapdash banner to your tree fort. people watching, people approaching, people photographing, people walking away.

the list is truly endless, and they're all yours and they're all cherished. even the painful ones. they give you strength of will and a reference for the parameters of your happiness. have them, hold them, share them, speak them aloud.

tonight's homework:

think of the best most amazing thing that happened to you this past week, and then share it with someone, friend or stranger. make a connection.


" four hours and a sense of adventure "


when you need to navigate through the streets, run.

when you need to fly through the air, soar.

when you need to express yourself, love with an open heart.

when you need a nap, sleep for days.

there is absolutely no need to lessen this experience. no need to water it down, suss it out, ether your desire, or take a step back from the brink. sometimes, it's the teetering at the edge of all things where we find the skeleton to the body of our worldly participation.