" on nearby shores "


sunlight on my face. closed eyes, and how the entire world goes an amber-red glow.

warm summer breeze clutching and clinging to my face like a whiplash flurry of kisses on the cheek.

the smell of the open ocean in the distance, and the guttural hum of the vessel mingling with the sounds of far off bellows.

riding along the chop and currents, we're making our way to the island.


" no good-byes, just see-you-next-times "


adventure adventure adventure for all the rest of our days.

we find ourselves at the end of a brief sojourn, the winds from both rivers brushing against the entirety of our bodies. grass beneath our feet, solid ground, shifting plates, moving planet.

best of luck from now until then.

tonight's homework:

sunshine, discovery, curiosity, glorious bewilderment, wide soul smile sun bright blissed out.